Environmental Advocates grants

Beginning in 1999, Environmental Advocates created a Grant Program for community environmental projects. EA has a long history of financially supporting environmental programs - this grant program allows individuals and groups to apply for and plan for monies needed for their project.

Applications are currently being accepted.

Grant application

To apply for a grant from Environmental Advocates, please complete this form.

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EA budgets about $2,000 annually for grants. Two application deadlines have been established:     the first business day of October, and the first business day of March. Awards will be announced approximately two weeks after the deadline. In addition, applications will be accepted any time, but the majority of the monies are available during the established grant deadline periods ($750 per period). Maximum grant award is $500.

If you prefer, click here for a printable copy of our Grant Application.

How applications will be evaluated

Priority will be given to persons who are members of Environmental Advocates. Projects should show clear environmental benefits to the Johnson County area and support EA's overall mission. Priority will be given to one-time grants, i.e., yearly support for continuing projects is discouraged!

Please consider:

If funds are provided, the person(s) involved in the project or program are encouraged to provide an article for the EA newsletter, or make a presentation to a general meeting, describing how the funds were used. Recognition of EA by the recipient in any promotional materials or announcements is necessary.

Send applications to:

Environmental Advocates                                                                                                               PO Box 1831                                                                                                                               Iowa City IA 52244